Saturday, November 19, 2022

High voltage supply for tube/valve tester

 A power supply for a future tube/valve tester

Main circuit for the positive side is similar to the one bellow (the top section),

 The filament circuit is similar to the bottom section.

 The negative supply is similar to the diagram bellow("Standard") with small adaptations to allow 2 different ranges:

 There's a separate transformer for each of the supplies; the filament the positive and the negative, also other separate on to power the voltage meters.

Was added a small relay controlled high voltage supply output so I don't get accidentally zapped, you need to constantly press enable button to have high voltage output at the terminals.

The internals:

 Finished here:

Working during testing:

Now I still need the tube socket and metering part for the full valve/tube test set, eventually something like this (only the top section):

Have a nice day!

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