Sunday, November 19, 2006

Almost there!

4 boards are done, now only the 17 band module neds to be done, cabling and enclosure also.

How to solder SMD

My technic.... the photo speaks for itself. The clam is an negative type one (normaly closed).

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Almost finished

...Yes almost, the main boad is done except for testing and conections to panel components.

There is still the 17m bando module to complete and the bandpass filter.
Some garbage whas created during the build process and will go to an recicling facility :)

The final panel lettering layout will be like this:

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Groupe 10 almost and more on the front panel.

The front panel was painted and meanwhile did sone soldering on groupe 10, actualy only the resistors are missing...still didn't found yet the solution for the letering on the panel. Searching for mecanorma rub-down leters on the speciality shops around but no luck so far, I need white leters and of small size... will get back to this later.
Here's how the board looks now:

Friday, November 03, 2006

Front panel

Started the front panel. Well not exactly, it was the front panel for one radio I was building by my own design and the project got stoped so why not reuse since the controls were to be basicaly the same.

Because sone of the holes for potenciometers were bigger than the speaky ones I will buy sone new potenciometers.
The dificult part will be the color for the panel...what do you think... aluminum, black or white?
Lettering will not be easy I am researching the web but found no magic solution for it.

Frequency counter

.....done! Still neds to be programed... later on. No issues here... one extra 1 ohm resistor! Didn't found the place for "J3" (was J4 int the PCB) but never the less it works...
The cristal in the drawing is 4Mhz but on the kit was 8Mhz... There were suposed to be one 1N4146 and one 1N4148 in the bag but there were 2 1N4148... so I placed the 1N4148.