Thursday, February 02, 2017

More filters II

Some long time ago I bough a board with some SSB/AM filters atached, the idea was to remove and use the filters for some receiver. Upon receiving it, thought it would be nice to use the board itelf since it cointained what looks like an IF chain of a receiver. Never had the time to reverse engineering it.

The board is this one as on the original post:

Some other sellers on the "eb/seller" site are just advertizing the filters, I have another filter kit that got already in separated state from the mainboard.

Today I got an email from Szilard - HA6VSR that kindly provided links, that he found, to the diagram and description. The diagram looks like what I was expecting (even better) except I tough the AM filter was for AM, in fact is used as a first filter in chain for the 9Mhz SSB ones as per the diagram from the link bellow:

I think it will be easy to make a receiver with this, time permits...

The links, courtesy of Szilard:


Have a nice day!