Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Newsky TV28T RTL 2832U / R820T DVB-T DAB FM SDR

Sorry for not updating so often now the blog, I have time but have been without patience to write. While before coming to Ireland I wrote in English just for fun, now that I write and speak every hour of the day I get a little tired!

Back to radio...

Some time ago (in September) bought one of those new (at least for me) TV receiver dongles with the initial idea to make a simple spectrum analyzer or a standalone receiver using one of the small Linux computers boards.

What I got in the mail:

 And the cost was 19 Eur, so, excluding the computer you have a nice receiver for a small amount of money (that's always relative).

After installing in the laptot according to one of the guides (you have to use a diferent driver from the one that comes with the card) and to make the initial test, I placed on the airband for the Cork airport approach and connected around 50 cm of solder "wire" acting as antenna:

This is the screen on the Cork approach frequency

The plane was here:
 Then requested to change for tower frequency

 And prepare for landing (north wind most likely):


 There's a discrepancy in the plane reported altitude and the airpot one so I guess that someting is changed in the ADS-B system used in the plane spotter site.

It was fun! Placed the card together with the other electronic components and when I get one of those small computer boards will place it on a standalone box....

Have a nice week!