Friday, February 28, 2014

GE 3-5976A CB in the shack

  Alongside with some other radio equipment, the GE 3-5976A walkie-talkie, was, when they come to the market, a big eye catcher for me.
Unfortunately at that time I was teenager and money was short to buy one.
Now money is still short but the price asked for second hand units it's way smaller, almost free, no one uses them anymore.

I don't do CB anymore but decided, as nostalgia, to buy two units, these ones:


They only come equipped with one channel out of three (channel 14, 27.125Mhz).
Tested the units doing a QSO with my daughter. She had a lot of fun and they are perfectly working and in good condition for the age, more than 25 years.
Serial numbers are 000051 and 000048 with date code 5451...whatever that means.

For the future, might use one of the housings for a 20m band portable Bitx or as an 10m AM portable rig. For now it's just for decoration.

Have a nice weekend!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Fixing broken plastic parts.

Hello, I'm back...

I'm sure everyboddy allready had to fix some platic parts on a radio or on any other equipment.

Normally I use resin type glue or cyanocrylate one if very small parts. This time and because of a new addition to the shack decided to try a new method. And that is because some plastic bits were missing as you can see:

I have to recreate the missing plastic part from the battery holder compartment lock of my new radio equipment: for me that is. Fresh buy from an online auction in unknown working state.

The idea of this glueing method is to use cyanocrylate glue with some agglomerating particles making a stronger part and filling the voids. The particles are basically baking soda, my guess the original inventor used it because it's a very fine powder.

Got the idea from this well documented video on youtube:

Here's the outcome of the fix, it works, and I was carried away and fixed also some small screw bindings posts to hold the front panel (no pictures of that sorry):

 First I made a small holding form from plastic tape to hold the first layers, then was just a matter of adding more glue and more baking soda.

Honestly I got surprised with the quality. It's not perfect but works quite good.

I still have the rest of baking soda pack to make some cake.....

Have a nice week!