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Unknown said...

Really enjoying the blog, and I share your fondness for vintage Yaesu stuff
John K5MO

Ricardo - CT2GQV said...

Thank you for the comment John!

73 de Ricardo / CT2GQV

199LONG said...

Hi Ricardo
Nice work , I have been trying to programing a Neo7m with a uart ( rs232 converter)
but dont seem to get it onto the frequency required 10 Khz .
I need it to discipline a 10 Mhz divider circuit for frequency locking a Amateur Transceiver
for use on 1296Mhz QR65 digital transmissions .( using UBLOX programing software}
So far it seems to lock up the PPS LED ( I have tapped into the resistor prior to the pps led) but IT does not appear to give me the correct frequency >

Bryan vk7kwb

Ricardo - CT2GQV said...

Hello Bryan,

Thank you for the comment.
From your description I would say the Neo is not getting programed. Check with the scope if you are getting any wave from the PPS output or try to set another frequency and see if changes (confirming the programing).
See also if the reference clock is the correct one.
Keep in mind that if you are using an external antenna you need to remove one of the caps (C2) in the Neo board.
You can try to program also using an Arduino instead of the rs232 converter.

73 de Ricardo / CT2GQV