Monday, July 31, 2006

Sorting capacitors

Whell... you better have an capacitance meter or an good magnifier glass, I have the capacitor meter...
As you can se by the image, it will be an big task sorting them out to put in the modules bag's.

Sorting resistors

With the kit came some plastic bags so you can sort components and put components there so it's more easy to sort them out when building by parts. (nice idea)
Resistors are allready sorted, now on to the capacitors.

First impressions

Yups, it's an small box with lot of surprises.... first one is the impressive amount of electronic components.
I decided I needed to clean the table from all the mess so I can dedicate only to the speaky.
After opening and removing all the bags and boards and papers it filled the table completly.
Before starting I decided that is better to check instructions first... they are included for some reason :)

The "Speaky" arrived

After some delay by the lack of ready kit's I received the Speaky.
Received the following parts:
* Speaky 5 band transceiverkit for SSB and CW Starter Version, incl. 1 Bandmodule of your choice
* Speaky Transceiverkit Bandmodule 17m
* Counter for the Speaky Transceiver