Saturday, December 18, 2021

HP 3312A small repair

 No big troubleshooting here, the HP3312A function generator had been developing small fault over time, the last time I used it was not outputting signal or with the wrong shape, so decided to see what could be done.

This was the "sinusoidal" output:


Not good! Also the frequency was not in line with the bezel markings.

Here's the offending component on top board near the front panel.

I just guessed it was the one causing the issue, the crack was easy to spot.

The reference marked in the capacitor, if needed:

TRW 8508
.5MF +/- 10%
50 VDC

Better now after replacement, I didn't had 0.5MF as originally so by mistake placed a 2.2uF, got better but still some distortion seen:


 I then replaced by a 1uF one and now it's perfect, in the future I will probably try to find the right value (0.5uF) and replace.

Have a nice day!

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