Monday, October 29, 2012

The unobtainium light bulb

This particular light bulb model is getting each time harder to find. The one I have as the bench head lamp just broke about 2 years ago and I've been using a "normal" one ever since. Been looking all over the city shops in the past months an not one stock them anymore.

 So, what's different about this particular light bulb, well for a start the light color, daylight blue, is very good for long reading periods and I found that is extremely nice also for for long periods of soldering at the bench so I use it as the main head lamp over the soldering area. For me it works really nice, there are similar lamps in the marked but their of painted glass, not this model, it's the glass that has the blue color. I also found this particular lamp to be best suited for reading small components markings.

Luckily last week during some garbage removal I found one that I had kept as spare! Lucky me to keep a spare, anyhow will continue to search another unobtainium light bulb.

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