Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Random projects

Just some photos on projects waiting calibration and a decent front panel decoration:

The AD8307 power meter bellow on the photo. On top an store bought LCD panel meter placed in a box for measuring the voltage output of the power meter, here with -10dbm input signal but lacking calibration....

Looking back I should had placed the AD8307 signal input on the front and the measure voltage on the back....hum...I have an UHF panel mount plug somewhere....will see.
The box of the DVM was one that housed my first ever working transmitter, an 88-108Mhz FM least more than 22 years already passed...

 Bellow, another power meter:
 A simple qrp power meter for the FT-817, two scales and internal dummy load, a reuse of an old USSR 7.5v dc panel meter, unfortunately the internal dummy load from 20 1K Ohm resistors is just good to 50Mhz... they just don't do carbon resistors like they used to do...

The 90º angle silver plated BNC plug near the Kantronics was a kind donation from a friend and fits nicely on the FT-817 front panel, leaving space for the select button.

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