Sunday, October 28, 2012

-10db attenuator pad

Some days I like to build radios, others fix things, now I am in the mood to make and fix test equipment. I started with my oscilloscope, not fixed yet but I think I will get there.... also doing a rebuilt of the AD8307 meter, after, I will calibrate it. For that (and other stuff) one thing needed is an attenuator pad.

Here's my build of a -10db pad and some results as measured on the MFJ-259B:

 Not very good at 145Mhz

Good until 28Mhz, then starts decreasing.

 Not very critical for the intended propose.

The BNC plugs came from an old telco modem, I had the pcb pieces and the foil, the resistors some were from old boards (I am recycling lot's of components) and others from my stock.
It's not perfect but was cheap and will do!

The original schematic:

Came from here, by the way, a great place with lot's of useful information.

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