Friday, October 05, 2012

Telemobile HX340 batery

In a previously blogged equipment exchange I got 3 channelized Telemobile HX340 mobile radios. One was completely dead the other ok and programed with some repeater frequencies and the last one after the keyboard replacement (with the dead unit one) I think is now OK and only needs programing.
Problem is that all the radios came without the 9.6V battery pack.

Since new batteries are expensive I had to brew my ow solution. I must say that I have no interest in putting new batteries in them since they will be operated at a fix position and from a 12v power supply.

So I came up with this simple fix for the problem....that is, built a fixed battery holder...

 Terminal polarity identification

First mechanical fitting test

 The fix crews make pressure for the nails against the terminals and use already in the unit fixing points.
Regulator is a 7810 but the radio only need's 9.6V... it works.
Incidentally the power pins in the radio are easily soldered so I could had opted for a simpler solution (without the pressure brass nails), just the wires soldered directly to the terminals....maybe will do that on the other unit.
A bottom plug is also ready but I didn't sealed the unit yet, I have to get one panel power input plug and fit it on the side.

 Now I only need to program the units for the frequencies that I want....and that will be another story....

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