Monday, October 08, 2012

Telemobile HX340 programmer

 After some initial frustration mainly by the lack of schematic and manual for the HX340 I found some information that wanted to test to see if the radio was easily programed.
In my first tests I was using a programer similar to an M-bus programer but that information was wrong (don't believe everything on the internet!), the Telemobile HX340 uses a simple TX/RX interface.

The correct information and correct software came from a post by EA3CWT in the URE forum, and I can only add that the "M" button on the radio should be pressed for reading and depressed for saving/program the data (switch on and off the radio to change state).

The computer used for programing, a Compaq PIII 500Mhz, the slowest working machine I have at the moment, apparently as with many old DOS software, the correct timing on the "com" port is dependent on a slow CPU:
The software didn't run well on a newer/faster pentium class machine.

 Schematic from the RS232 DB9 to the programing plug on the radio:

The built data cable recycling an old Cisco terminal plug:

The programmer software as per the URE post is here:

And I used an Windows 98 DOS install (less the windows setup part) disk but it should run in any DOS boot diskette.
And now the programed equipment, for my frequencies, with the bottom lid placed and ready for some action... one of this days... because I have to program/test the other unit and do an external mic/speaker cable.

Have fun!

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