Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Radio exhibit

Went to Peniche were I lived some time in my life (some nice photos of Peniche and near by here: ).
Walking around the local museum something got my attention, a marine radio and electronic equipment exhibit. Since I was on short time and didn't have my camera (only the cell phone) I will pospone the visit for another day and post here the photos.
For short time I worked for a company that did repairs on boat electronic equipment so probably I will see similar equipment I worked at that time, still recall those "Sailor" from Denmark marine SSB and VHF radios, great piece of equipment.

Anyhow, walking a litle more and I went for what I was on, visit the "Vera Cruz" boat, a trustfull replica of the boats that almost discover half of this world by the Portuguese sailors.
It's a very simple boat but still nice to see how was life aboard 500 years ago, well, this one at least had a HF vertical antenna and radio. It's on the rear of the boat, try to find it bettwen all those cables!
(tip: the antenna is between the rear flag and the lady in red)

Now on to homebrew business.... I hope tomorow to have same time to solder the HF bandpass filter board, even without the capacitors and only the Toko coils.

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