Monday, June 01, 2009

The cable adapter

...It's monday... not a very good day :) But I had a nice Sunday with lot of brew, so now a little thing for those who are still trying to wake up!
If you're like me, when you need to test something (connect diferent meters) you have millions of adapters and cables for different connectors like bnc to rca to pl to uhf to name it I/you have :)

Most testing's I do are with BNC and PL plugs so I brew this adapter to use with PL and will brew another to use with BNC (my frequency counter uses BNC)
To do this I used a piece of PCB and with an hacksaw make sone cuts so I can connect the input and output cables and bettwen something I am going to test, this avoids soldering directly on the tester cable.

Above: Ready for testing the attenuator

I think the photos are self explanatory, if you have questions... don't send any email :)

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