Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Speaky band module expander - rebuilt

Just rebuilt the band module expander boards. Rebuilding allowed me to save some "veroboard" and correct inter-board wiring mistakes I made first time.

 Here's the support for the five extra modules, the first five stay in the radio main-board.

 For supporting to the chassis, used a 90º wood support transformed in double 90º with my special angle maker tool....the hammer! 

Some varicaps are on the way to the shack so I can start building the modules still missing:

I also included, inside, another board for a second audio amp, main amp will  be only for headphones and the computer audio interface:

..still unbuilt..

And here: 2 of my 3 transceivers....none is complete...
 ...but will be some day....

It's a long road...

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