Sunday, March 31, 2013


When you try to multitask on a single tread then for sure something gets behind...

Here some projects tested but lacking a proper finish touch:

Light TX and RX pair:

Work's but didn't tried yet with a magnifier glass to increase range.

A BITX 20:

Needs the front panel drilling and now the front end transistor that was needed for another project.

An 6m downconverter:

then used as a test board for VHF receiver using some BITX 20 modules.

An SWR meter board:

..and the "display":

...Still unboxed.

A full HF transceiver:

 Working but never QSO'd. Will change audio path and need to put the low pass filters.

..many other projects still waiting conclusion most of them just need a box...

Think I have "work" for the next decade!

Have a nice week!

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