Thursday, March 28, 2013

Got this... the mail yesterday:

...thanks to my PayPal account!

Those are 100 units of BB909B from DSI and about 50 (not exactly counted) BB909A from Philips.

The idea is to place them to work on the Speaky band modules replacing original BB409 varicaps that I can't find at reasonable prices.
I don't know if these "replacements" they will work but they were relatively cheap and can always be used for something else.

Here's capacitance versus reverse voltage on the "Speaky" BB409 units :

And here for the BB909 :

  They almost match...

I measure some units received (both BB909A and BB909B) and seem to match the datasheet values, the Philips ones have a little higher capacity than DSI make.

Still in need of the toroids...

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