Saturday, January 05, 2013

Speaky re-cabling

Built once....building twice!

Was not happy with cables on the first try so will go for round two, this is a major task since none of the external parts fix directly to the main board...

I suspect that a lot of debug will have to be made afterwards since it's easy to fail somewhere along the path and the "Speaky" it's a very big project.

The blue color cables are all new, now they have enough length and will allow me to push back the front panel for main board inspection and debugging.
 ...meanwhile I broke the pre-selector pot. Can you believe that both electronics shop in town don't have the 10K linear value en stock?

Not doing it fast and not a priority for sure but I would like to finish the kit during this century.

Have a nice weekend!


PE4BAS, Bas said...

Hello Ricardo, I think it looks very nice. And you got enough room for expansion of the project. The mike connector does let me think of a project long time ago. We designed a CB radio with 4 switches on the mike input so we could use all kind of mikes regardless of make and model. Bij switching the 4 poles of the input we just changed the radio to the mike. 73, Bas

Ricardo - CT2GQV said...

Hello Bas,

Yes, I'm thinking to put some sort of audio tweaking controls on the left space, for now it must be finished first :)
The kit come with a 5 pin (I think) plug but I changed to 4 since most of my mic's have four, anyhow I'm thinking in put some mic switch box so I can have a more uniform connection between all the radios.

have a nice Sunday!