Thursday, January 24, 2013

6 in the log

So far, I have 6 QSO's in the "Speaky" log, all on 17m, by order:


I already copied some DX stations like HZ1TT (Saudi Arabia) and W1AW (ARRL headquarters) but could not work them, first due to the pile-up and second the operator just stayed a short time. Propagation is also not specially high at this moment.

On 40m (LSB) I still have lower power than 17m (USB), which I found is related to the IF filter so will tune BFO using a sound card instead of ear truing. My antenna is not tuned either for 40m.

The radio promises, as I predicted, it's just limited in terms of output power and since I'm not a fundamentalist of QRP maybe one day will try to build an amp for it.

Will change also the audio amp because it's a little on the low side for my preferences but it's nice for headphones.

Here's the parts that came extra with the kit (much better than missing):

Not much; half a dozen resistors, 1 IC (strange), some wire, one 1n4148 and probably 3 capacitors.

Have fun!

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