Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My other transceiver...

...it's also junk!...nah, it's a Ferrari :)

At some point during construction:

I had to remove the IF amp for another project so right now it's unusable but it worked! I never placed a low-pass filtering so it's also not advisable to transmit. That's another project to be finished one of this days.

Meanwhile the "Speaky" log it's getting bigger every day and I broke the 10 QSO milestone! I have to say without a lot of effort..well some directional antennas in the other end made this miracle happen.

LX1HD (1606.4 km)
IZ8GUU (2103.2 km)
HB9ETH/M (1603.6 km)
GM4WZL (1795.3 km)
OK2JS (2237.6 km)
IZ2ZEX (1592.5 km)

DA1YS  (1733.8 km)
GI4SNA  (1658.3 km)
S52WW  (1990.2 km)
DL1WM  (1737.2 km)

All on 17m.

I measured power on a homebrew, not calibrated, power meter and the Speaky outputs 12W but on the same meter the FT-817 outputs 8W so I guess more real values by analogy would be 5W to the FT-817 and 8W (considering voltages to power) to the Speaky. Not bad any way.

There's still plenty to do before closing the lid:

  Add heat dissipation to the final transistors.
Check audio compression/gain issue
Trim PA bias
Calibrate internal power/S-meter
Tighten cables.
Optimize IF filter bandwidth, now its a little wide for my taste. (will be left like it is)
Rebuild 40m bandpass filter, it works but trimmers are on the lowest capacity setting.
Add 20, 15 and 10m band.... 30,20,15,12 and 10m band
Modify internal speaker mount, audio is to much on the low (bass) side
Add another audio amp, the existing one stays just for headphones
Check drive level on 40m that is generating some instability

Have a nice week!

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