Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Happy New Year

A little delayed..I know! Anyhow: Happy New Year everybody with lot's of health and some money to spend on electronics :)

I decide to start the new year with a sparking new soldering iron tip... the old one just didn't "cut" enough and was completely worn out.

Here's the old and the new one:

That's an JBC R-05D 1mm diameter, nothing small exists for this soldering iron model ( JBC 30S)
Quoting the manufacturer:
"....The tips are made of copper protected by various layers: iron, nickel and chromium, respectively, and they are also pretinned and ready for use.

With this treatment, deformation and wear are thereby avoided. Its working life is equivalent to 20 copper tips......"

I can say it is true, none of my previous soldering tips (and irons) had last as this one.
Incidentally, in the local electronics shop I had the number one invoice of the year... pity I am not one of the shareholders :)

Also starting the year replacing batteries on the 2 UPS protecting the computers, they just don't last 1s... here's the reason for one of them:

Not easy to see but the battery is open in the bottom, probably overheat or some other violent cause since it's not easy to break this type of plastic case.

The circuitry inside the UPS:

Have a nice year!

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