Sunday, December 26, 2010

Knigh Rider lights

..Well, the lights done in last post were a success... not like I would expect but in the sense that I made a child happy.
When I offered the lights the first question was: What's this?.... I immediately tough I made a complete failure, but one second latter I managed to get a quick answer: It's a bicycle speed increaser...and something for other's to see you!... on to put the device on the "veichule" and give some instructions :)
Next day in the morning there goes the kid with the bike on to the city park, after the real "test" he told me it was a complete success! The speed will continue to increase...the more he practices!

Some time ago I offered my nephew an "shooting star catcher".... one magnet removed from an hard drive.... as you know most meteorites are made of iron but what's get's down to earth it's just small sand grains. A magnet will easily pic them up from the "normal" beach sand...not as flashy as a bicycle speed increase r but it's nice to develop kids imagination.

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