Saturday, January 22, 2011

YALNBI (Yet Another LNB Internals!)

I have another LNB laying around and decided to find if I can find a MMIC MAR-6 or other similar device inside.

This LNB is for 10.7 to 10.86 Ghz and 11.8 to 12.75 Ghz reception. Output is 950 to 2050 and 1200 to 2150 Mhz.
No luck on the MAR-6 but I found some references worth future investigation.

References are:

EXI : function as amp or buffer...
C1H: probably is a mixer or buffer amp
D: Amp
K: Amp
..have to find an SMD cross reference list...

For now I am not going to experiment higher than 440Mhz...but I want to do an GPS external amplified antenna hence the need of a MAR-6 device, or something similar. I have an old GPS receiver that was powered on last time in 2005 and want to do some experiments with NMEA output. If it had "PPS" out I could use it to an reference oscillator, oh well, can't have it all

It took more than 15' to get an accurate position (on clear south faced sky), after that it lock's faster but it's not state of the art for 2011, it works.

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