Monday, January 31, 2011

Getting ready for ATV

Not much spare time to be in the shack soldering so decided getting started on ATV, at least getting ready for ATV.
After, I think, 6 years in the same place without use I fired the satellite receiver that will allow me to monitor the transmitter signal. I works connected to an old 8 channel color TV with front panel tuner (do you remember those?).
Still have to connect the camera (an old video conference one) to the transmitter... and then test...

Here some photos on the setup:

The transmitter (freq. set by dip switch)

Receiver, camera, sat LNB and sat signal meter:

The LNB was just for testing, not needed on my setup since the transmitter is on the 1.2Ghz band.
The signal meter was of great help when I helped some friend's installing satellite dishes.

Configuration of the satellite receiver

Just have to connect some power cords and I will be on "candid camera"!

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