Monday, January 31, 2011

ATV...a blast

Couldn't wait for making some ATV tests so with cables connected in the air and the transmitter still outside a proper box, here we go..... got some "interference" in the satellite receiver (the antenna was only the input cable end), but not a steady image. Fired up the TM-D700 and was receiving (I checked for audio) a little bit outside the supposed frequency so I have to check dip switches settings...

Some more tests and then one of the loudest bang's I ever heard... in the first microsecond I tough the television set had fall to the floor... a quick head turn an hell break loose, lot's of smoke coming from the back of the TV set, a quick response (I am used to it, almost a pro on this subject!) and I turned off the tv.... now it's just a matter of letting the window stay open for a while to remove the smoke.

here's the video on the smoke, unfortunately I wasn't recording the initial explosion but I am considering a closed circuit recorder just for this emotive moments...:

I love when things I just have to find another tv...and recover some components on this one, I am sure it was something in the HT part.

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