Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Due to lack of time I have to change some priorities for the next times.
This post is just a place holder for some ideas so I can recall later.
Feel free to follow some of the links bellow to see some nice designs, don't follow the ones starting with speaky...

Things to to:

- Put in place the hf radio cristal filter pre-amp and post filter mixer. I still don't know if I will use the same SBL-1 used for reception or if I will place another one dedicated for transmission.

- Make the vox circuit for the hf radio, althoug I never use vox in radios but it's nice to have some more buttons....

- Put labels in the box and make an first QSO.....if the thing works...

- Build the HF PA for the hf radio, just don't know if I will use the JBOT (just a bunch of transistors) at: (around 8 Eur in transistors for 5 w) or the nice one from sm0vpo at: (around 28 Eur in transistors for 10 w)

- Finish my other Si570 kit, put in a box with the VHF FM receiver. Change the squelch acording to this design:
(use the part on pins 9,10,11,12 of the MC3361), on my VHF FM receiver I made the conversion with an NE602 (from NE602 datasheet). My post with references is at:

- Finish an DRM receiver pcb that was sent to me when I bough the APT receiver kit.

- Place in a definitve box the 20A power supply.

- Finish another homebrew speaker built in a Cisco router dummy power supply box.

- Finish another magnetic loop antenna with coax cable that is already prepared. For use in a NAVTEX receiver.

- Put some missing components and a box on one of my first receivers, a regen one from ARRL design.

- Place in a box the ATV transmiter I have for a long time and never was tested. Put the camera connected... put an exterior antenna.

- Put in 2 plastic boxes that I allready have the tinytrack and the aprs decoder. Connect to vhf fm receiver and the computer.

- Make some more test on the VHF FM transmiter and try to get to a definitive version for shack use.

Now some interesting designs I still have to try:
- Based on the Russian mixer by RA3AAE :
- Stand alone NAVTEX receiver ...or maybe I use the 500Khz to 4Mhz converter and connect to a 4.5Mhz dc receiver... ideas..

...ufff, I have work and fun for the next century... of this days I will finish the Speaky SSB tranceiver that gave me the motivation for writing this blog

73 de Ricardo - CT2GQV

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