Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A different vfo control

Normally this blog is more about some experiences I do on my shack than current news or any other subject. Sometimes I open an exception when I find something unusual or interesting to share.
Most of you already saw some sort of VFO frequency changing be it by controlling with a variable capacitor a variable inductance, a sliding coil, a PTO, a VXO a trombone variable cap,etc,etc, you nameit.
Whell there are many different ways of "shooting the duck".... but this one for me it's the first time I see it. An original idea from "lw1ecp" worth mentioning. I am allready imaginating a smaller round ruber touching the round dial so one can make a reduction drive.

The linked image:

Must try this one of this days!

Page is at:
Also nice texts worth reading at main site:

If you need translation use for example, language is Spanish.

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