Friday, March 19, 2010

Mini Whip boxed.

Didn't had time for much soldering so decided to put some things in boxes.
Just placed the mini whip antenna/pre ( in the roof and boxed the power supply module. Also inside the box placed the antenna splitter ( so I can have 2 receivers connected to the same signal.

Connected one of the outputs to the TS-50 and the other is for another receiver, probably the navtex one. Removed the mic from the TS-50 just in case I feel tempted to transmit and burn the module.
Spent some time listening to Shannon volmet around 8.xxMhz and also to Santa Maria atlantic air control. If I power down the pre amplifier I can still get Shannon transmission and some air control, on a reduced signal, the box is not metalic and no shielding was placed in so that probably explains it.

Now the photos:

And the homebrew "family" growing...

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