Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tube/Valve receiver... building the box

I wanted for some time to build a valve receiver but I wanted also to make a nice little box for it. Now here's the box buildup process documented.

An old box part of a military direction finding equipment.

Now on a peace mission...
Unfortunately I broke part of the capacitor in another experiment. Electrically is ok.
The "tube" just for the photo.

All the wire come from scavenged parts, mostly from computer power supply's

The color choice was just because that was the only color I had at the moment in the "tool shop"!.. well I had a granite looking one but...not really nice for a receiver.

It will be called the "Red hot regen".... the red part I think it's obvious, the hot it's from the warm of the tube and the regen part...well it's a regenerative receiver... obvious hum?
The worst part is that I already made quick test in the box and now I have a very noticeable reception of 94 Mhz FM local broadcaster, probably I will need some filter in the antenna input.
Power supply and speaker amp will be outside due to space constraints.

Have a nice week!

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