Wednesday, February 09, 2011

ATV... transmitter box

Just "bought" a new box for the ATV transmitter! I had to swap some time ago one of the PC's power supply so the old one is recycled!

By the way, this mic didn't worked for this circuit, I had to use another one.

The plugs on the PCB were keep in place case I decided to remove-it from this box.

The switch above the microphone is for 6.5/6Mhz audio carrier switching but at the moment I only have audio on 6.5, must investigate if it's any problem in the module or in the switch, the sat receiver let's me tune the audio carrier from 5 to 9 MHz.

Now the front panel labeling will be for another day, so does the external antenna.
A fuse might be a good thing to add on to the circuit...right now is unprotected. The camera get's the power from the main switch (on the left).

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