Friday, March 04, 2011

I'm back

I was for 2 days in the Netherlands but I'm back for more soldering.
This is my fourth voyage to the Netherlands, a country with nice people and a nice landscape; always plain and people's always nice! The weather was as usual "bad" and I almost turned into an ice cube during my stay there, here in the "south" we are not much used to temperatures bellow 6ºC... in the winter... in the morning! Got -2ºC there during most of the morning and evening.

So, here some photos of this journey:

Nice little airplane of KLM, the Royal Dutch Air Lines in "LIS" plate. No problems, no waiting for landing slot, all went smooth, just some normal turbulence on the Golf of Biscay, typical.

Roodeschool village, I think PE4BAS lives in this street, he gave me some helpful advices on how to get to his village (I went to a place near by).... unfortunately on the return the train got broke and I almost missed the airplane, if you saw yesterday a guy running like hell in Schiphol airport, that was me,... Murphy's law on it's best. Bas, PE4BAS warned me not to take the train!

More landscape:

I think everybody in the Netherlands owns a boat...
..and a bike...

Typical landscape from the train window.

I hope to return the Netherlands when things get a little bit warmer :)

Next post will have a circuit! I promise!

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PE4BAS, Bas said...

Hi Ricardo, I live 200 Mtr on the right of this church on the photo. I think you made the photo from the taxi. If you knew were to look you would have seen some of my antennas. I should have warned you about the temperature, these days it's cold but we are used to it. I'm glad you did catch the plane, I already warned you for the trains here. Last time I traveled to Schiphol with the train we had to switch trains 5 times, I told my wife then it was the last time ever I would take the train to Schiphol and we never did it again. By the way, I don't own a boat but indeed own a bicycle and cyle to my job every day these days...
Hope you did some good business in the Eemshaven so I can meet you sometime somewhere in the future. 73, Bas