Saturday, February 19, 2011

ARAL ham radio fair 2011

This had all the conditions to be a perfect day! I went early in the morning with some components list to buy at the ARAL ham radio fair.

(not my car! :)

After arriving I gave a quick look and in one of the tables I spotted something that I really wanted and it was on my list... some MAR-6 devices! I though: well just will give another look and before leaving I will get them, after a wile I returned to the table and started to look for the devices plastic bag.... not found, asked the salesmen where were the devices....."Sold" he answered, immediately the day got grey..I should say: black! I am fuc"#$!#"....I am pis"#$!# of... completly... for the first time I take a list and spot something matching it's gone after beeing in my hands... not fair!

Anyhow this I think was the first year I found some components in good shape that matched what I wanted. Also spotted a lot more interesting stuf but money isn't elastic :)

In the end the other thing I found in my list was an ECC82 tube, bought 2 just in case.
The other stuf not found was mostly specific crystal frequencyes and 2 HSMS2800 diode for a 1.2Ghz swr metter.
I came up with 2 extra 21.415Mhz filters I have no imediate use.... if you have an MAR-6 and want to swap for one I would be glad to do so.

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