Sunday, April 11, 2010

Si570 kit - new one

I had this Si570 kit for some time and decided to assemble it...Personally I'm not a big fan of smd devices but had no other choice in this case...

Some stages of the assembly

When I switched it for the first time I had some wrong indication on the display...something like "8.8. 0", tough that something was wrong, checked all the soldering s and...again the same problem.... RTFM and "voilla"... you have to initialize the kit.... after all it was working at first time, remember to read first and solder latter.

This is an excellent kit for a vfo or generall coverage transmitter/receiver (I'm using one in an airband receiver) but the instruction are not the easier to follow so if you want to assemble one I sugest reading the following link:

There's a nice tutorial there... withou it I was proably still reading the schematic righ now...

You can get one kit from here:

Weather is getting warmer in this side of the world so instead of heading to the shack I might head to the beach.

The outside temperature sensor is bellow the roof tiles...

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