Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Over 12K visitors

Since I placed statistics online there were already over 12K visitors to this blog, I only hope that means 12K new projects for those who visited this site.

I try to keep the blog on the democratic side...well not exactly democratic because I am the only one who writes and review the comments (there are many spammers around) but I am open to suggestions on how to improve this blog. Maybe more technical subjects, more general news, more nude girls? Leave a comment or send me an email on your ideas.
I am not a native English speaker so I always try my best writing but I am open to suggestions on how to improve communication.

Now let's see the top 10 visitors and the less frequent:

United States - Where the biggest ham radio population lives, so it's logic
United Kingdom - Probably the second bigest ham population
Portugal - This is me reading this fine blog :)
Italy - I wasn't expecting, since I have no 5KW amp project in the blog...:)
Indonesia - Had no idea there were so many hams there.
Germany - Lot of hams there, from what I could see when I went to Friedrichshaffen
Brazil - Os nossos irmãos do hemisfério Sul
Romania - Not expected
France - Oui, ça va bien?
Netherlands - I exchanged some emails with Dutch ham's so they probably see the blog...

Now the less frequent ones...but also important.

Netherlands Antilles
Maldives - wan't to exchange QTH?
Saint Lucia

Thank you all for stopping by.

Ricardo, CT2GQV

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