Monday, February 22, 2010


....I had been some time ago in the sea in heavy thunderstorm, no problem with that, when you listen to the thunder means that it didn't hit you!
Today the local forecast was for some lightning activity so for precaution I removed the antenna cables entering the shack.
I made some time ago a small peace of metal with pass-true "PL" plugs so I can disconnect the antennas without going to the back of the radios.

I did disconnect the antennas and was checking the stock on some components that were missing when a really big thunder hit some near place. Can't recall the last time I jumped of a chair.... anyhow time to leave the shack and disconnect the soldering iron before some really bad thing happens.

I was doing some soldering on the balanced modulator and mic amplifier for the transmission part on the hf radio. Will post progress soon.

Looks like that everyone that has a shack also owns a cat (or the cat owns you).... here's mine:

Yes, the cat is right, in days like this you should not leave your bed!

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