Friday, February 05, 2010

...the light

...No... it's not dc to daylight... it's a common ceiling lamp. My girlfriend house has some modern ceiling lamp's, you know those came out of a very twisted designer mind (not to say $%#" mind).... not practical because they only accept some special lamps in a "T" socket when most lamps came in E27 socket. This "T" socket lamps are an average 4 euros more expensive than normal ones and hard to find.... so for 3 Eur (the price of an E27 holder) an 10 minutes of my time I changed the lamp holder. Now there's freedom of choice in the lamps used.

Bending a little bit on the lamp holder support bracket:

Testing 2 different lamps with the new E27 holder: ... they fit.

I left the "ignition" coil of the previous lamp type case a revert to original is needed.

A side note to designers (and to OSRAM engineers): The wheel is round... any other shape could be called design but it doesn't work!!!

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