Saturday, February 06, 2010

ARAL ham radio fair

... This one is nearby, about 10Km from my QTH so I just had to go. At the beginning I only had the idea to bring some ferrite cores and try to find some 9Mhz and 38.666 crystals. Well I didn't spent much money there, and coulnd't get the crystals on this exact frequencies but got another ones. Not going to tell how much I spent on the next few items so you won't get jellows...

The silver box is a self contained VHF trx, at the moment at 156Mhz but probably will be programed to APRS local frequency.

Also spoted the new transceiver from Kenwood, it doesn't have name or number yet...oh well, just onother appliance.

Here some general photos:

this one show 1/4 of the total space, not big but with space to walk around:

The ARAL emergency veichule:

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