Sunday, July 05, 2009

MFJ meter adapter

I have on of those MFJ almost anything meter. It work's but sometimes it's difficult to measure some components since the input plug is a PL plug so I made a small adapter for it. Nothing high tech just a male PL plug and two crocodile claws, maybe the hardest part is to solder the claws to the plug. The internal cable for the "live" terminal is a small peace of rigid electric wire. You have to account for the meter error and for the size of the wire when measuring inductance. For the test I made it's somehow accurate and enough for amateur use the inductor being measured was sold and is marked as 0.33uH.

Meanwhile I have been improving on the airband receiver, it seems that I didn't had enough filtering on the TA7358 input. As soon as I have an acceptable schematic I will post.

Sorry for the photo quality but only had the mobile phone available for taking the photos. If you don't like I accept donations of a new camera just for being in the shack:)

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