Wednesday, July 29, 2009

144 (mostly) to 28Mhz converter

I understood one thing, if it was easy for hams to do high performance equipment there were not many radio equipment brands.
Getting to an acceptable level of performance takes time and many trial an error experiences, since I have some time I will continue this quest learning something along the way!

As we say locally... "each shot, each blackbird" ...this one is another missed shot

This schematic it's based on parts from others schematics and the local oscillator is from the Si570 coupled trough an more or less 144Mhz dual coil filter (on the right of the pcb board but not on the schematic). The transistor is an BC547.

One thing for sure, my somehow lack of sensitivity on the receivers is mostly caused by the lack of experience in input filter build and of course lack of proper materials, for the coils build I am using wire from cat5 network cables and recovered from toroids of computer power supplies.

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