Friday, July 10, 2009

Airband receiver.... the box

I have been busy with things not radio related but even so found some time to start making the airband receiver box.
Due to current aluminum boxes price's I decided on another approach, a wooden box... calling wood it's a little understatement, it smells like wood it touch's like wood but I think it's a mix of glue wood and probably plastic made in the Orient. Anyhow for the price it 's cheaper than a normal box, no shielding tough....cost was 5.50 Eur plus the pcb for the front panel (4.00 Eur).

Will post pictures as soon as I download them from the camera, probably they are:

Painting, my black paint was ending so it was just first hand:

Were it will stay, bellow is the APT satelite receiver and the PSK interface:

For comparator with a know brand radio:

Inside with the audio board fitted:

p.s. Today it's Nikola Tesla birthday, the inventor of Radio......or was it Maxwell, or Hert' was it Marconi? Anyhow thank you Tesla for those 220V electric shock's I got ! Better AC than DC

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