Monday, July 13, 2009

And the Airband Receiver....

Just when the receiver was somewhat acceptably working and before placing in the box, I place the box above the input filter....result, some damaged coils, rebuild it but couldn't get the same "acceptable" performance. Made a new input filter but now I'm back to were I was before; "good" (some distortion and big signal) commercial FM reception but poor airband AM reception, tested a new input bandpass filter design but something is not working 100%, don't know if it is the pre amplifier or the 10.7 IF gain, I just can't get the performance expected even on S3 signals on another receiver, I get nothing or at best a signal near noise floor.
Tomorrow is another day....I give myself some more two or tree days to find the issue if not, will build another receiver based on another chip or transistor mixer or even an SBL-1 I am getting a little tired on this IC

If anyone has an reproducible and tested with good performance design with the TA7358 please send it to me :)

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Miguel said...

Uma boa solução radical é um tuner de TV como front-end... Ultimamente ando a magicar uma coisa destas para uma espécie de receptor de Banda Aérea e APT... Já agora, os meus parabéns pelo blog, acho que é o único do género por cá, "homebrewing" dia a dia!