Sunday, December 02, 2018

Inside Trimble 65256 10 Mhz TCX Oscillator

To be honest... nothing much; it's a Vectron OCXO MC2001X4-046W and some power control circuit.


In relation to the Vectron module, look's like this is the data-sheet:

This is a 5V version of the Trimble 65256, most of the ones I've seen advertised are 12V versions, I am running it with 5V but found no diference in the marking's to the 12V versions...
Apparently mine is out of spec when I compared with a 10Khz derived from a GPS source... that could explain the low price they have now on the flea bay, served their life and got warned out/out of spec.

Bottom trace is the Trimble output divided by 1000 to give 10Khz

It's skipping forward around every 10s to the triggered top trace of the GPS 10Khz output. This is true for any of the control voltage range.

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