Saturday, October 27, 2018

Stand for the JBC T245 - AOYUE 2663B

In the beginning of this year I build a JBC tip controller for the T245 handle, it got a little cheaper than buying the original. Has been working nicely, in fact much better than any other iron i've used before (most of them, to be honest, was junk).
For the stand I've used an hold support but was not ideal because It was for a bigger sized iron.

Considered buying just the original stand part but was a it's a little bit pricier than expected, around 30 Eur just for the holder:

(model JBC 0012994)

Looking online I found another alternative and give it a go, was kind of risky since the sizing was not advertised, in any case, if would not fit the JBC then would fit some of my other iron's:

It's an AOYUE 2663B and it's advertised for the AOYUE brand soldering irons. The price was 12 Eur plus 5 Eur shipping, considering the parts included I don't find it a bad deal.

It turned out great and it's the perfect addition if you build your own JBC T245 controller and are on a budget.

Some pictures in use:

It also fit's nice on top of the heat controller box.
(solder is not included, all other parts yes) The brass sponge is even bigger that another one I had before.

It includes a tip holder which fit's the JBC ones. At the moment I only have one extra.
The mountings of the provided accessories are also ambidextrous which is good since I solder with my left hand.

The iron fits nice and it's easy to take and put back.

Whats "missing" now to build is the detector system for when the iron is in place in order to auto reduce temperature and extend tip live like on the original stations . That will probably be a next step.

Have a great day!

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