Sunday, December 16, 2018

12 Months, 12 projects and some other posts.

In the first post for this year (2018) I wrote:

"...Happy New Year!
I'll try this year to post more project's, (at least one for each month) and some more simple ones in the middle, that including the failed experiments (I do have them). ..."

I managed to reach the set goal with my previous post (the 200 W 30db attenuator), still, posted none about failed experiments (there were).... anyhow there's still some days left to the end of 2019....

The posts this Year, (in reverse date order), so far, were ("P" is for project):

 P - 200 W 20/30 dB attenuator with 100 Ohm / 30w resistors

  - Inside Trimble 65256 10 Mhz TCX Oscillator

  - Stand for the JBC T245 - AOYUE 2663B

P - Skylab SKM52 - C&Q 84 - GPS module

P - New AD8307 power meter

  - New RF frequency generator for the shack

  - Park Air Electronics Model 2100 DIP switch settings

P - Back to the future - Arduino DCF77 transmitter

P - Teensy 3.6 + Si5351 connection and code

P - Teensy 3.6 + 2.8" TFT LCD Display SPI Serial 240*320 ILI9341 connection and code

P - MIC5205 (LB30, KB30) Low noise regulator, increasing voltage output

P - ADS-B In-line amplifier experiments and bias T for 1 Ghz

  - Mains power meter and rig energy consumption.

P - Bench power supply ( part II ) 

P - JBC T245 / C245 Iron tip controller

  - Insulated, Stackable Banana Plug - BU‐31104 - 4mm

P - Mini paint booth

P - RTL-SDR Dongle interference shield/filter

... to be honest I have more projects done than the posted ones but have being lazy in publishing them.

Have a great weekend!

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