Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Goodies from Lisbon

Had to go today to Lisbon today and since I had some spare time, decide go to an electronic shop that I used to go when I worked at the country capital...
I just took a small list because now I'm in reuse mode, I wanted an NE604 an MC1350 and a BPW34. Well I came with the BPW34 photo-diode, 3 LDR's and 2 on/off switches. The NE604 and MC1350 were to specific, I guess, for them to stock.

 The NE604 was just to make some tests, the MC1350 was to have one spare and the BPW34 is to make more "light comunication" tests. The LDR's were a last minute impulse buy and will probably be used for more one, D.O.S.I. (department of stupid ideas) type, posts.

Meanwhile got this on an email from a ham friend.
The boys at 706T might need one....

I would for sure loved to have one!

Have fun!

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