Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wooden dipole support

I promised a friend a simple HF receiving antenna (while he doesn't decide on getting an ham license) so I just made a simple wooden dipole support, wires will be cut for the 20m band since that's just fit to the space he has.

It was varnished so it would last more in rainy days.
The 50 Ohm cable will be supported looping on the support groove in the middle.
The bypassing hole in the middle is just if we need to hang the antenna at mid point, my dipole has a similar design an the wire used can easily support the transmission line weight, I use cooper covered steel wire.

The support it's a little bigger than needed so the eye bolts would not touch each other midway, a shorter version could be made with just holes in the wood for the wire support but this way just look's nicer...

Have a nice weekend!

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