Sunday, April 29, 2012

Swan 270

This is one of the radios that I own, bought it some years ago just because I thought it was fun to be on air with a tube rig, it is, but problem is: I have to many radios for the QSO's I make, 1 or 2 a year, so I was selling it on the local ham forums, unfortunately no one was interest in investing a fair price for the rig so my idea even before placing the advertize, was, to dismantle to get some components, namely the output variable cap's for an antenna tuner project. There are other interesting bits like the IF filter and the BFO crystals that can be reused on transistor transceiver, of course the VFO is a nice candidate to be on the same project. Some tubes can run on 12V and there's a 100Khz crystal to be used on a marker generator.

 I have mixed feeling on doing this because the radio is operational but on the other hand I can get a lot of components for free that will give me also a lot of fun and new projects to do.

The schematic is here: have a look, and let me know what would you use the components for?

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