Friday, February 24, 2012

Simple regen receivers

Some years ago I built the ARRL simple regen receiver, in fact it was my first working receiver. I never placed it in a box and the board as been cannibalized when components short. This time decided to rebuild the receiver again and hopefully place it in a nice box. My original construction was on a PCB but now decided to place it in wood substrate.

The schematic:

Here's the preliminary tests with the transistor amp and not the original LM386 in the design:
This method of building is nice when you don't have PCB around, not the case but gives some old style to the build.
And the link to the original article.

While building (or rebuilding) the ARRL design, found another simple regen receiver on g3xbm site and decided to give it a try....

I built the g3xbm schematic on "Hertz" day, and guess what.... it didn't oscillated! Yesterday I figure it out, probably a broken FET, I replaced the part I had by an BF244 (an MPF102 on the original design) and started working, except when my crystal headphone was connected, after all it wasn't a crystal headphone but a simple headphone in a look a like crystal phone box.
The one on the photo is a true crystal phone one and is from my dip meter accessories.

Both set's do receive but as they are simple designs so you should not expect big performance. I intend to build the following design in the next few days, looks a little more promising. You should read some considerations on regen's on the link above if you're interested in building this type of receiver....

Have fun!

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