Monday, February 13, 2012

Phone call

Last Friday night got a phone call from a friend:

(F: friend)
(M: me)

M: Hello
F: Look, the name Yaesu-Musen tell's you something
M: Yes
F: The number FT-7 tell's you something?
M: Yes, it's a qrp I think
F: And the markings: FL-110
M: Hum, I think it's a linear to match the FT-7
F: I have here this equipment, do you want to have a look?
M: How did you get those?
F: Never mind!
M: Are you at home tomorrow?
F: No, will be out.
M: Just wait there! I will have diner latter!

My friend isn't a radio amateur so I drove to see what he was up to.
A friend of him who is/was (giving up) radio amateur gave him this equipments and he handled to me for testing.

Saturday morning I went to the sack so I could test both equipments.
The FT-7 isn't esthetically perfect (althoug the mic is) but the FL-110 look's like it was never used. They came in the original box but only one power cable so will test the FL-110 against the TS-50 on 10w out.

After powering up the FT-7 I started to get some interference in audio, I thought immediately that there was a problem with the radio but later the TS-50 was with the same, so it was due to band conditions. I did got some signals on 20m but then audio started to fade away (on the FT-7) so the radio has some problem for sure.
Then I disconnected the FT-7 and connected the FL-110 to the TS-50. Power up, and it lit the normal LED. Transmission test.... zip, nothing, nada, not even the operate LED, I switched to AM to get a bigger carrier to activate the RF switch, I have to test with the external activated switch but I think there's some problem internally.

Conclusion, two inoperative equipments...for now... I told last Friday to my friend that we will put the equipment at his home, connect an antenna and let him decide to make the ham radio exam. He told me he was going to think about it, I understand he's position, I guess he is a little fed up of radios, he's an air traffic controller!

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